Our Programs


Design Master partners with universities/colleges to transform the face of talent to service the emerging knowledge- economy of India. Our programs provide specific skills set across organizational and domain expertise to make the candidate fit perfectly to a role in the industry. Our platform provides the much needed transition from a student to an industry professional. Design Master offer different programs to help students in their efforts to start a rewarding career. The Programs are divided into three separate groups:

  • Career Programs: Design Master Career Programs are mapped to specific roles in the industry. These programs impart both domain and organizational skills thereby making the candidate workplace ready.
  • Skill Modules: These modules are meant for students who want to strengthen their skills in selective areas like written communication, problem solving, organizational behavior, leadership, team building etc.
  • Assessment Series: The assessment series is meant for students who want to understand their level of preparedness on industry expectations. The student gets a comprehensive skill-level analysis of the performance and benchmarking against standard.


Students who undertake Design Master Certificate programs benefit in:

  • Getting a job through results driven training
  • Cost-effective learning at the door-step
  • Personalized learning for maximum effectiveness with minimum effort
  • Access to best-of-the-breed pedagogy and industry experts.


The training can be conducted at your campus as well as our campus in New Friends Colony as per your convenience. The training will bent more on practical aspects of a technology than on theoretical. The training will also contain unique technical seminars headed by various industries’ technical experts.

Value proposition to the student

  • Meaningful & relevant education as per Industry Requirements.
  • Hands on practice on cutting edge Technologies with modeling.
  • Interface with the industry & an understanding of the corporate culture & work environment.


Value proposition to the Academic Institution

  • Provide industry relevant education at minimal cost.
  • Brand Image of the institution gets enhanced by imparting industrial training program.
  • Employability quotient of the student increases hence the placement gets augmented.

Value proposition to the Industry

  • Low cost of talent acquisition and training.
  • First day first hour productive employee.
  • High growth due to ready availability of quality manpower.