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# Dated 02 Jun   2017

Jamia Millia Islamia Entrance exam 2017 result and Admission Information


# Dated 31 May   2017

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# Dated 11 May   2017

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Creo Parametric Interview Questions

With the advancement of technology, the 3D technology has touched design industries. Creo Parametric Certification is something that can add value to a candidate’s knowledge and skills in the 3D market. A candidate can easily qualify any interview or entrance examinations conducted during the hiring process for industry if he or she has a Creo Parametric Certification.

A candidate appearing for a job opening in Cero parametric profile may face questions such as:
•    The difference between object reference and geometric associativity
•    The file extensions given to parts, assemblies, sketches or drawings.
•    The process to create a new part or an assembly.
•    The use of file.
•    Definition of a trial file.
•    Meaning of ‘store back’.
•    Difference between File — > Save and File — > Backup.
•    Difference between File — > Erase and File — > Delete
•    What Drawing.dtl file is
•    Difference between One Side and Both Sides in extrusion
•    How dimensions of a feature are changed
•    New name for Pro/Engineer
•    Which company produces Pro/E
•    Function of trail.txt file in Cero Elements (Pro/E)
•    What are Mapkeys
•    Number of Geometric tolerance symbols are in Pro/E 
•    The names of six common assumptions a sketcher makes
•    Definition of “Parametric Feature Based Modeling”
•    Tolerance formats that should not be used.

Above are some of the common questions that are asked through a Cero Parametric job employment process. Some may be challenging, but some may be a pleasure for those who are already a pro in this domain.



# Dated 10 May   2017

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# Dated 3 May   2017

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# Dated 3 May   2017

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Primavera (software)


Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

What is Modern Project Management ? (PDF)



# Dated 2 May 2017

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# Dated 17 Jan 2017

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ANSYS DesignModeler Training


# Dated 15 Jan 2017

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